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Mazor Robotic Renaissance

What is Mazor Robotic Renaissance?

Mazor Robotic Renaissance® is a surgical guidance system that assists your surgeon in performing minimally invasive spine surgeries. 

Indication of Mazor Robotic Renaissance

The Renaissance system is indicated in patients suffering from degenerative disc conditions, kyphosis, scoliosis, spinal canal narrowing, spondylolisthesis, and vertebral compression fractures.

Procedure of Mazor Robotic Renaissance

Each patient has a unique anatomy, so before performing the surgery, multiple CT scans are taken to prepare a 3D surgical plan that is specific to your spine anatomy. This forms a virtual guide for your surgeon during the spinal procedure. A mounting platform is rigidly attached to your spine to eliminate movement and ensure accuracy in the procedure. Following this, a 3D marker is placed on the mounting platform and two images are taken using fluoroscopy. These images are matched exactly with the 3D blueprint. Your surgeon then starts the procedure by selecting the diseased vertebra on the plan. The system then prompts your surgeon on the exact placement of the instruments on the mounting platform. This helps your surgeon to perform any spinal surgery with the utmost precision.

Benefits of Mazor Robotic Renaissance

Being a minimally invasive approach, Mazor robotic system offers the following benefits:

  • Greater precision during surgery
  • Less post-operative pain
  • Shorter recovery period 
  • Lower incidence of risk and complications
  • Reduced exposure to X-rays 
  • Less damage to surrounding tissue 
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